The kit is composed of: two paddle shifts built on a plate interconnected with the steering wheel, one electronic control unit, two actuators, one wiring set. The system is entirely electronic, and for the moving parts maintenance is not needed.



The cheapest and easiest one, but nonetheless up to performance standard.



The system remains as described above, with the addition of two switches to regulate shift changes, and Blip Accelerator.



An entirely new system which provides the best performance and independent power to act: every customer can access the system directly from its personal computer, allowing him to run diagnostics and corrections.

PRO is an advanced system with many different functions which can be enabled or changed:

  • Closed loop activation.
  • Cutoff activation with different options.
  • Neutral activation for upshift or downshift.
  • Security string actuator activation.
  • Downshift RPM protection activation.
  • Launch control activation.
  • Editable downshift blip accelerator with RPM function.
  • Variable energy consumption system activation.
  • Possibility of an acquisition to be integrated with the electronic control unit.
  • Wireless connections to the paddle available (no spiral cable).
  • Download the free software HERE