The Company

This project was born seven years ago, but at the time it couldn’t be developed to its full capacity. My passion made me approach it again with a team of engineers and technicians that tested every product and part from planning to final development.

The first step was aimed at improving safety through better electronic screening, hardware and wiring. Then I improved the strength of the actuators, lowering the internal temperature thanks to high quality materials, and added several control options such as: a different change of shift for every gear, launch control, which allows an automatic change of gear within a range of pre-defined options, shift protection, that prevents over-revving while shifting gears and an optional managing tool for the clutch, like a counting-gear display wired to the system.

It is important for me that the system I created has an accessible price. Because of this, I offer a range of options: START, that includes all the paddle regulations like shift change, blip accelerator and regulation of the gear in neutral. FIRST, an upgraded version that includes two switches to regulate shift changes and changes to blip accelerator. PRO, a more powerful system in which the frame is obtained from ergal, has military circular connectors and many other functions.

A huge thanks to everyone who trusted my and my products. See you soon in the racing tracks.